The disk space feature shows the overall volume of info that you are able to have on the shared website hosting server at a time. With a desktop computer, for example, this would be the overall size of one hard drive or the total size of all hard disks in case that your computer has more than a single one. The same way that your space on a PC is shared between installed programs, docs, your music etc, the server hard disk space is usually shared between website files, databases and emails. Every file, folder and email takes a little disk space on the server, so you should take into consideration numerous factors, not just the size of the files you upload. For instance, getting big email attachments or having a script-driven internet site in which the user-generated information is kept in a database also affects the hdd space you're using.
Disk Space in Shared Website Hosting
We have designed our shared website hosting plans with the notion that the hdd storage will not be a problem for your websites. While many web hosting providers produce accounts using a single server, and as a matter of fact, the most widespread Control Panels were made to operate solely on this kind of platform, we've used a different approach. We have clusters of servers that handle every aspect of the web hosting service, so that your files are stored on a single cluster, the emails on another one,your databases using a third one, etcetera. Through this cloud platform we achieve a few things - the storage space is virtually endless due to the fact that we can easily add as many servers and hard disks to the clusters as needed, and we enhance the performance of every machine since just one type of processes will run on it. This tailor-made setup will allow you to enlarge your websites as you see fit without having to worry about running out of hdd space.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers
With all of our semi-dedicated server plans, the hard disk capacity attribute is not limited, so that you can direct your attention to building your websites the way you'd like them to be and never be worried about reaching a limit. Unlike lots of hosting suppliers that set up accounts on a single server, we employ a tailor-made cloud platform, that allows us to offer you truly limitless hdd storage for every single account. With just a single machine, there are only so many hard disk drives which you can use, not mentioning that the most popular hosting Control Panels are not intended to work with numerous servers concurrently. Our platform, on the other hand, makes use of clusters of servers for the site files, emails and databases, plus our tailor-made Hepsia Control Panel was made to work with it. We are able to install as many servers to any of the clusters as required at any given time, so that the disk space is practically inexhaustible.